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Muc-Off delivers effective and useful products across their bicycle range, and none may be smaller or less crucial for a cyclist than a Glueless Patch Kit. Clincher tires users who run butyl rubber tubes always carry a patch kit of some type and truth be told, many glueless patches are less than effective. Muc-Off believes their version is superior and supplies detailed instructions on how to get the best results- so we included them below. The larger than most comparable patches may be better suited for 25mm+ tubes, and harder to shape and set on the lowest diameter road tubes.

Each small container contains six 25mm glueless patches and 1 piece of sandpaper. Muc-doesn't specify their glueless patches are for temporary use only, but in our experience, most glueless patches don't hold or bond as well as a glued patch, so we recommend you replace and/or repair your tube more permanently once you get safely back to base.

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  • Glueless patch kit that is a essential carry-at-all times item for clincher tire riders who use butyl inner tubes
  • Larger sized than most glueless options, offering more coverage for today's tubes for larger tires
  • 6x Glueless Patches (25mm)
  • 1x Sandpaper
  • Compact case can easily be kept inside a jersey pocket, tool bottle or saddle bag
  • How to use for best results:
  • Try to keep the area free of dirt and debris during the whole procedure
  • Sand down the punctured area on the inner tube, then pump a little air into the inner tube to give it shape, but not too much that it stretches out
  • Hold a clean finger over the hole to prevent too much air from escaping, peel off a patch and place it so the puncture is in the center
  • Starting from the center, press down firmly, working your way out to the sides
  • Repeat to ensure a strong bond is achieved
  • Re-install the inner tube inside your tire and inflate to the specified PSI
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