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Muc-Off Nanotube Chain Lube

This is not a typical chain lube. Muc-Off's Nanotube Chain Lube is a product designed for users of the Nanotube Chain to bring their specially treated chains back to a near new friction reducing condition. So it is not a chain lube you should use if you don't have the Nanotube chain. Make sense? Okay, onward. The concept and execution of the Nanotube Chain is that you get a new, brand and speed specific chain that Muc-Off has hand applied their special Nanotube lubricant to.

This is a lengthy, specific process that covers all surfaces of the chain with this lubricant that carries the incredibly small graphene-based Nanotubes to the metal, filling in and coating all surfaces and microscopic grains and imperfections of the steel chain. Muc-Off has demonstrated significant watt savings in the drivetrain, regardless of conditions over any other pre-lubricated chain or chain/lube combination. Although the bonded nanotube material doesn't wear off, occasionally (about every 400 miles) you should clean the chain and apply a fresh treatment of this lube.

Created using cutting edge, intensive research and development, the Nanotube Chain Lube allows you to re-treat your chain for many more miles of ultimate speed in all weather conditions. This lube will allow you to achieve significant savings within 1-2 watts of your chain’s original optimum performance. This new, state of the art formula pushes the boundaries of chain lube innovation and is designed specifically to keep friction to an absolute bare minimum over a long period.


  • Special chain lube that contains nanotube additives for optimum efficiency
  • Designed for use ONLY with Muc-Off's pre-lubed Nanotube Chains
  • Returns chain efficiency to within 1-2 watts of its optimum
  • Can last up to 400 miles before reapplication needed
  • Ultra efficient, highly durable
  • Size: 50ml drip bottle