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Muc-off's Premium Microfiber cloths aren’t just cloths – they're a gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! These cloths contain an amazing "split-fiber" technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes. On top of this, microfibers trap dirt deep in the pile of the cloth, which helps to avoid the chance of swirling, which could ultimately lead to damaged paintwork.

As a result of the very small fibers used, you’ll be cleaning at a much deeper level, meaning that whether it’s interiors or exteriors, bikes or cars, you can be sure you are removing the dirt and grime. The Muc-Off R&D team thought of everything and made sure that these handy cleaning cloths are machine washable, meaning they can be used time and time again!

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  • Not-so-simple microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth for bikes, anything
  • Deep pile for such a cloth, yet made of tiny fibers; durable finished edge
  • Micro fibers allow for surfaces that clean at a much deeper level
  • Split-fiber technology vastly increases surface area absorbency
  • Reduces chance of surface damage, smears and blemishes
  • Machine washable and durable for many uses
  • Color: Blue
  • Contains: One Cloth
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