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Tools & Maintenance Cleaning Tools

The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bicycle Bundle is built around what they consider the world first pressure washer designed specifically for the needs and concerns of bicycles and motorcycles. The bike version includes a limited-pressure specific lance system which makes it safer for bike surfaces, bearings and suspension parts. The motorcycle version has a higher pressure rating considered safe for the standard equipment. Muc-Off also makes a bespoke, pressure adjustable lance, which can also handle higher pressure. With this Bundle, you get all three with the actual pressures washer, along with the fitments you need, but because it is a bike-specific bundle, you get Muc-Off bike-specific cleaning and protective products as well, making the full package a terrific value if you are in the market.

The custom waterproof dry bag carry case is designed to easily store the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and keep available peripherals within easy reach and safe. There are couple of things to keep in mind. First, this pressure washer is A/C powered at 120V, and requires 1200w on that line. Second, access to a external water supply with standard hose fitting is required. There is no on-board water storage in this compact unit. Muc-Off's video for the pressure washer is handy to watch, but the system is similar to any other pressure washer. We have listed all of the specifications and included items, but if you have any other questions, there are helpful reviews online and a little more information on the Muc-Off website. While this pressure washer and the system were designed for bikes and motorcycles, it can also be used for modest pressure washing around the home or garage, especially with the Adjustable Pressure lance and the 1450 psi max pressure rating.

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  • Pressure Washer Bundle designed and equipped for bike and other uses
  • Muc-Off designed A/C powered pressure washer developed for bike and motorcycle use
  • Requires external water source (does not carry any water)
  • Bundle includes wands with fixed pressure rating for bike, motorcycle, and an adjustable pressure version for more overall use versatility
  • Bike-specific cleaning and products and lube from Muc-Off
  • Equipped with Muc-Off branded bundled items:
    • Pressure Washer (see tech specs below)
    • Custom waterproof dry bag carry case, 30L capacity
    • Lances: Bike, Motorcycle (higher pressure rating), Adjustable Pressure (with high pressure rating
    • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 1L spray
    • Bike Cleaner concentrate (makes up to 4 liters)
    • Bio Drivetrain Cleaner 500ml
    • Bike Protect 500ml spray can
    • C3 Dry Lube 50ml
    • Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth
  • Tech specs:
    • Mains voltage 120V / Mains frequency 60Hz
    • Power input 1200W
    • Rated pressure 68.9bar (999 psi) / Max pressure 100bar (1450 psi) / Rated flow 0.194 ft3/m
    • Max. pressure water supply 11.7 bar (170 psi)
    • Max. water temperature 122°F (from source, unit does not heat water)
    • Level of sound pressure measured accordingly to ISO03774:
      • LPA (sound pressure) dB (A) 90.3 / KPA (sound pressure) dB (A) 3
      • LAW (sound power) dB (A) 105 / KWA (sound power) dB (A) 3
      • Weighted root mean square acceleration value <2.65 m/s2
  • Color: Black/Pink
  • Sold as: Complete Bike Bundle Kit
  • Weight: 15lb
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