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Matte frame and fork finishes have become extremely popular and look great, especially when contrasted with small gloss areas or decals. Great, that is until your greasy (lubricant, sun block, natural secretion) hands touch everything. The Pinarello Dogma's favored by Team Sky have often come as matte finish in part because it saves weight over clear coat, and again, can look quite sharp. So you can bet the team mechanics and publicists love Muc-Off's Matte Finish Detailer, a protective coating that resists substances that are attracted to the texture of matte finishes, satin matte paint, and matte vinyl wraps.

The quick acting and easy spray Matte Finish Detailer is also biodegradable. The premium-grade formula will leave any matte surface with a streak and gloss-free protective finish that reduces dirt adhesion. The proprietary blend is safe on carbon fiber and won't damage clear coat. To use, ensure the frame surface is clean, cool and dry. Cover all braking parts and surfaces. Vigorously shake the bottle, then apply to all matte finishes. Wipe with a microfiber cloth and leave to dry. An effective treatment will hold up for a fair amount of time depending on usage, handling, cleaning, etc., so the 750ml spray bottle should last an average cyclist a while.

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  • Protectant detailer specifically developed for satin matte paints, matte finishes, matte vinyl wraps
  • Premium-grade proprietary formula is also biodegradable
  • Leaves streak and gloss-free protective finish that reduces dirt adhesion.
  • Use on clean, cool, dry surfaces, NEVER on brake parts (mask or remove)
  • Always shake bottle vigorously before use
  • Apply, then wipe with a microfiber cloth and leave to dry
  • Safe on carbon fiber
  • Size: 750ml spray bottle
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