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If you ride a Niterider Lumina, Mako, or MiNewt light, you can get addtional or replacement Handlebar Strap Mounts. These are three of Niterider's most popular light systems and this is a genuine Niterider part, SKU 6645. Great for road, dirt, commuting or casual riding, the Lumina Handlebar Strap Mount is easy to affix to a huge variety of handle bars and holds the light unit stable with any road or weather conditions.

The mount can be left on the bike, as the light slides on and off a rail system that locks the light housing in place until you depress the release lever. Rubber strap system is pulled taut, then hooked onto a bead. Excess strap my be cut off if desired, but will never "grow" back.

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  • Replacement/additional handlebar mount for Lumina, Mako, and MiNewt series lights
  • Strap stretches tightly to most bar diameters and shapes for secure hold
  • Light head unit is mounted via rail system which features a lever locking mechanism
  • Durable, weather and temperature resistant
  • Niterider SKU: 6645
  • Sold as one strap mount (light not included)
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