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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front

The original Lumina series lights from NiteRider drew raves for compact size and solid features. The Micro series moves to a more compact design but still over-delivers. The Lumina Micro 900 delivers a max output of 900 Lumens from the LED lamp in the compact (Micro) housing, while maintaining USB charging of the internal Li-Ion battery, multiple user modes, all coming in at a lighter 130 grams. The light housing unclips quickly from the new strap style handlebar mount- which is quicker and more flexible than the knob style used previously. At under $85, a high quality 900 Lumen light can be a real asset on the roads or trails .

For serious commuters who need a simple, effective light for both seeing, and being seen, the Lumina Micro 900 is perfect. With five user modes- High, Medium, Low, Walk, and Daytime Flash, the rider can tailor usage to maximize battery life. On the High setting, the Lumina Micro projects the full 900 Lumens for 2 hours. The Medium puts out 450 Lumens for 4.5 hours and Low delivers 200 Lumens for 11 hours. The Walking mode offers a highly efficient 35 hours at 60 Lumens, which would also be a great setting for fixing a flat or walking up the driveway. NiteRider lists the 900 Lumens of DVF Flash mode at 11 hours.

The USB charging time is only 1:45 hours at 1A charging amps, or 3.5 hours at .5A charging amps, and hopefully you'll never have to explore the full range of the battery. Just keep in mind that if you have a legitimate 90+ minute commute home in the dark, you will be pushing the range of the High mode. Your light choices are dictated by your needs. This unit will be perfect for those with an hour or less commute each way that require serious light. Even 200 Lumens is more than adequate for some rider averaging 15-18 mph with plenty of ambient light. If this is you, the Lumina Micro 900 is a great choice. NiteRider builds reliable, trustworthy products. At such a light weight, we'd even consider it as an emergency backup for real night riding on the roads or trails.

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  • 900 Lumen compact LED front mounted light ideal for commuting, secondary trail use
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Ion battery, micro USB cable included
  • Collimator Lens, produces a generous, even, widespread beam
  • Intellichoice charging via USB cable: 2.5 hrs at 1A, 4.50 hrs at 500mA
  • 5 Modes- High, Medium, Low, Walking and Daylight Flash
    • High- 2 hrs run time at 950 Lumens
    • Medium- 4.5 hrs run time at 450 Lumens
    • Low- 11 hrs run time at 200 Lumens
    • Walk- 30 hrs run time at 60 Lumens
    • Flash mode: 11 hours DVF 900 Lumen daylight flash
  • Low battery indicator: indicates about 15-20% battery life remaining
  • FL1 Standard IP64, dust and water resistant
  • Lock Mode, perfect for use during storage or transporting (hold button 7 sec)
  • Handlebar mount fits up to 35mm, helmet mount compatible (sold separately)
  • Weight: 130 grams
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