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Accessories Lightning Systems - Front/Rear Sets

NiteRider Mako 250/ CherryBomb 35 Combo

Save a few dollars and pick up this convenient combo, ideal for commuters with day, dawn, dusk riding time where visibility to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists. NiteRider does a great job with light packages that make sense for the consumer and delivers dependable, effective lighting systems at all levels.

The Mako series lights swim against the current, driving the incredible value of Lumens per dollar with excellent features and quality LED lighting. The Mako 250 is a compact handlebar light powered by 2 AA batteries and throws 250 Lumens of light that allows you to see, and be seen, for under $30.

With excellent run times and a Flash mode, the Mako 250 will exceed your expectations. This power packed front light allow for 180 degree visibility and the reflector beam throws light ahead of you so that even at 16-22 mph you can see safely ahead in the dark.The light is compact, and the mount stays attached to the bike as you slip the Mako off to dash into the grocery store or office. This a quality, low cost, high powered safety light. The Mako casing and mount have proven durable and while perhaps not truly waterproof when submerged for an extended time frame, it can more than handle rainy days and nights.

The Mako 250 is perfect for commuters who ride at dusk and dawn, and often get caught out in the dark. If you prefer standard batteries to USB powered systems, tremendous light for the price and size, and ease of use, the Mako 250 from NiteRider is your new light


  • Low cost, high powered light producing 150 Lumens via 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Highly visible in traffic, keeps you safe from 180° with red side lights
  • Tough durable design with removable moun, meets FL1 standards
    • High: 7 hrs at 250 Lumens
    • Low: 12.5 hrs at 125 Lumens
    • Flash mode: NR Flash 28+ hrs
  • Weather rated at IP64 standard
  • Handlebar mount fits up to 31.8mm, helmet mount compatible (sold separately)
  • Weight: 175 grams (light and mount)

The different generations of the Cherry Bomb taillight have been among the most popular Niterider safety lights. The Cherry Bomb 35 now pumps out 35 Lumens of red LED driven light and offers two steady modes- high and low, and the Super Bright Daytime Flash mode that allows the rider to be seen in the light of day or the darkest night. With visibility up to 1 mile, the Cherry Bomb is a serious, inexpensive taillight that is perfect for commuting.

Niterider makes this rear light to function as as standard reflector as well, so in municipalities that require a reflector, you are covered. Likewise, if the batteries fail, the Cherry Bomb 35 will still reflect light back at cars even when the light is off. While you get the simple strap-style seatpost mount, this light also has a long clip that is ideal for bag use, and incredibly popular with runners and walkers who can easily clip the Cherry Bomb 35 a waistband, belt or pocket. At just 82 grams with 2 AA batteries, the durable clip will more than stand up to all of these uses.