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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front

NiteRider Pro 2200 Race

NiteRider has found a sweet spot for event and recreational lighting. The Pro 2200 Race offers a compact LED headlamp that is at home on the bars or the helmet. The 2200 Lumen output at the high setting will rarely be needed, and with four steady options setting options all the way down to 250 Lumens, you can easily maximize a full charge of the 4 Cell Li-Ion battery. For times when a flashing light is all you need, you get three specific flashing options to choose from as well including Beacon and SOS modes. With the 2200, NiteRider optimized the run times and brightness levels based on racer feedback and average usage.

At just 484 grams for the whole system, and a slim battery that can be tube mounted or bag carried, the Pro 2200 Race is ideal for road riders, mountain bikers, and would be an excellent commuter light for riders with longer or extreme commutes at full brightness or 90 minutes. The medium setting runs for 3:00 at 800 Lumens, and Low a night-valuable 6 hours at 500 Lumens. The charge time for the Li-Ion battery is just five hours through the provided A/C adapter.

The headlamp itself is light and has side fins for 180 degree visibility. The reflector throws a beam that is like a spot light with flood characteristics, with great eyes-ahead visibility, but spread out for a clear peripheral zone. Niterider provides both 31.8mm handlebar clamp and the helmet mount, as well as an extension cable. Also supplied, a handy carry/storage bag for your new best friend, the Pro 2200 Race lighting system.


  • 2200 max Lumen LED output versatile lighting system for road, mountain, commuting
  • 3 CREE® LEDs- set into a NiteRider custom reflector
  • 4 Cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack with 5 hour charging time
  • 8 Step Fuel Gauge
  • Head unit is light enough for ideal helmet or bar mount
  • 7 run modes: 4 steady lighting levels, 3 Flash modes
    • High- 1.5 hrs run time at 2200 Lumens
    • Medium- 3:00 hrs at 800 Lumens
    • Low- 6 hrs at 500 Lumens
    • Race- 25 hrs at 250 Lumens
    • NR Flash- 25 hrs at 730 Lumens
    • SOS Flash - 25 hrs at 730 Lumens
    • Beacon Flash- 25 hrs at 730 Lumens
  • Offset Handlebar (up to 31.8mm) and Helmet Mounts
  • Includes: Extension cable, AC Charging Adapter, Storage bag
  • Weight: 484 grams