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Powerful, USB rechargeable taillights are taking over the safety market and the competition is heating up. Niterider now offers the Sentinel 250, a250 Lumen max light that is a superior taillight in it's own right, but adds the benefit of Laser Lanes, or two laser projections that create a defined lane on either side of the bike. This virtual lane is designed to help create a safer nighttime cycling experience. Use is optional, as the laser function is controlled by it's own button.

The Sentinel 250 pumps out the Lumens to ensure your visibility and safety. The ultra bright 250 Lumen output at max delivers visibility at night from over a mile back, and is an especially effective flash for daylight visibility (DVF) and the unit also offers a Group Ride Mode that gives visibility without blinding your following riders. You get seven total run modes, with two Flash options, high and low Steady power; three of the modes are Laser Lane options with two flash option and one strictly laser lanes, which would be good fro group rides. USB charging time on the Li-Po battery is onlythree hours, so you can easily still get maximum brightness if you just remember to plug in the Sentinel at lunchtime. Safety is the sole purpose of taillights, and this 250 Lumen light, with the Laser Lane option, is one of the best commuting products available today. The simple strap mount can be left on the bike and the light body quickly removed for charging and security. There is an integrated clip which slides right into the mount, but also acts as a belt or strap clip for more versatile usage.

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  • 250 Lumen max output DVF LED taillight with 4 standard lighting modes and three others which feature Laser Lanes technology
  • Laser Lanes project on either side to create a virtual lane, dedicated power button
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Po battery, 3 hour charging time
  • Dual power/mode buttons, left side for standard, right side for Laser Lanes mode
  • 4 Standard Modes- Steady high and low, Flash super bright and standard
    • High Steady- 8 hrs run time at full 250 Lumen power
    • Low Steady - 45 hrs at 10 Lumens
    • Fast Flash- 6.5 hrs
    • DVF Flash- 5hrs
  • 3 Laser Lines Modes (controlled by right side mode button)
    • Single Flash - 11:00 hrs
    • Double Flash- 11:00 hrs
    • Laser Lines only- 5 hrs
  • Seatpost mount and USB cable included, light housing has integrated belt/strap clip
  • Weight: 116 grams
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