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Accessories Lighting Systems - Rear

NiteRider's taillights hit a broad user spectrum, featuring lights from the most basic purpose to the most intense.At just under $40, the Solas 250 is closer to higher intensity activity, but with features making it very friendly for all user levels. The 82 gram (light and mount) Solas 250 max taillight has a powerful LED bulb and reflector system that has a 250 Lumen max power and features 4 run modes- 2 steady/2 flash, which includes a Daylight Visible Flash (DVF) mode now considered a crucial feature. A Group Ride mode allows you to ride safely with a light without annoying following riders.

The USB rechargeable Li-Po battery has a 4 hour recharge time and delivers 250 Lumens for 7.5 hours in the high steady mode, with 40 hours at 25 Lumens in the low steady mode. Fast flash mode runs at full power for 6.5 hours while the super bright Pulse flash is rated at 4.5 hours. The flexible seatpost clamp is quick and easy to use, without damaging any post. You also get an integrated clip on the light housing which allows to clip it to a belt, loop tab, or pack strap and a battery level indicator when you press and hold the power/mode button. The Solas 100 is a solid and versatile USB rechargeable taillight with all the features most cyclists require.

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  • 250 Lumen max LED seatpost mounted taillight with belt/bag clip option
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Po battery w/ 4 hour charging time, sealing access port
  • 4 Modes- Steady High & Low, Fast Flash and Pulse Flash
    • High Steady- 7.5 hrs run time at 250 Lumens
    • Low Steady- 40 hrs run time at 25 Lumens
    • Fast flash- 6.5 hrs
    • Pulse flash- 4.5 hrs
  • Meets FL1 standards for Lumen output, run times, IP64 water resistance rating
  • Rubber seatpost mount, USB cable included, light has integrated belt/bag/strap clip
  • Weight: 82 grams
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