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There was a time when most taillights came with a Seatstay mount, but for some reason that stopped. Now, with the revitalization of great bikes that easily accommodate racks and fenders, as well as some of the massive seatposts and Integrated Seatposts (ISP's), the Seatstay Mount has come back into vogue with more cyclists. Virtually all current and recent NiteRider taillights use the same mount interface, if you want to utilize a seatstay or rack tube to get your light mounted, you just need to buy the NiteRider Taillight Seat Stay Mount.

The Taillight Seat Stay Mount uses a thumbscrew fitting that offers stability. It comes with a rubber shim that can be used in full or trimmed in size for best fit. In general the shim provides friction, fills gaps and protects your frame or rack. Keep in mind that stays and tubes vary in shape and size. We find that sometimes a few wraps of electrical tape is effective when the shim is too big, but the mount too loose, especially on non-round stay or tube designs. The light mount itself pivots on the thumbscrew so you can set your light at the proper angle for rear-facing visibility.

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  • Seatstay type rear mount for NiteRider taillights
  • Can be used on most seatstays or rack tubing
  • Lever locking light mount pivots for proper angle set-up
  • Rubber shim assists in tube shape and size fitment
  • Thumbscrew design allows you to fasten the mount securely
  • Works with virtually all current and recent Niterider taillights
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