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Looking for a replacement or secondary quick release strap mount for your NiteRider taillight? Most current and recent models use the same interface, so shopping is easy. You do get two options: for round or aerodynamic shaped seatposts.

The NiteRider Taillight Strap Mount has a simple, durable stretch strap that fits round seatposts up to 35mm in diameter. The aero version was designed for aero posts that taper to a V-shape at the rear, and has a rubber wedge for that design. If you have a bike with a flat back or Kamm Tail design aero seatpost we recommend you get the round post version.

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  • Replacement or secondary quick release strap mount for your NiteRider taillight
  • Works with most current and recent Niterider taillights
  • Composite mount with manual security latch
  • Stretch rubber strap is long enough for virtually all seaposts
  • Options: Round or flat back seatpost, Aero (V-shaped rear) seatpost
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