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Road Handlebars

Nitto B347AA Dove Handlebar

The Nitto B347AA, colloquially referred to as the Dove handlebar, is one of our favorite bends for a classic front end set-up. The Dove got it start as a touring handlebar and was a popular choice for this category of riding (think: English three speed). For this application, these touring bars needed to be comfortable and offer a flat profile for proper handling. Well, these are the exact requirements for any town, commuting or alternative retro-classic build. The combination of backward sweeping bends and slightly upright position lends itself to be a preferred shape for a town or commuting bar, due to the optimized balance of comfort and performance. The reach is long enough for proper fitment of grips, bars and shifters if you plan on running gears.

The Dove bar is constructed of light and strong 6000 series alloy. After cutting the alloy bar stock, Nitto anodizes and polishes the bar, while the actual bending process takes place as the final step. This leaves the Dove with a perfectly consistent finish and a beautiful end product. There are no imperfections or odd light refraction around bend areas. The center clamp diameter is 25.4mm and features a knurled area for grip. The 22.2mm grip area accepts MTB style brake levers and grips.


  • Ultra-smooth and polished anodized aluminum
  • Hearty 6000 series alloy construction
  • Performance bar with classic town appeal
  • Pairs perfectly with the Nitto NP (Pearl) stem
  • 25.4mm diameter with knurled clamp area
  • 515mm width (center-center)
  • 50mm rise/drop
  • 22.2mm grip diameter (fits MTB grips)
  • 388 Grams
  • Made in Japan