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Nutrition Drink Mix Tablets

Nuun's Energy tablets have been popular since they were released. Some folks will point to the apparent contradiction of adding caffeine to hydration tablets. No doubt this is debated at the coffee shop just before they fill their water bottles and clip-in. The moderate amount of caffeine and other ingredients offers a slight pick-me-up, and the tablets have been formulated to mitigate the negative effects, so you can get the boost you desire without regrets, unlike that $5 coffee. The foundation of the Energy Tablet is Nuun's electrolyte formulation, which has been re-imagined and is now known as Nuun Active. As such, Nuun Energy has also been updated, and this 8-pack of ten tablet tubes is a great value at just a hair over fifty-two cents per tablet.

The development of the advanced formula was driven by consumer feedback and internal research. Absorption and uptake was a principal focus. Somewhat ironically, it was the addition of a non-GMO sourced dextrose that best improved fluid absorption, but still with under a single gram of sugar intake. In order to qualify as a "clean" product, plant based sweeteners and ingredients were used for flavor and to increase health benefits via naturally digested and absorbed products. As a result, Nuun is gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, and safe for clean sport certifications.

As for the standard benefits, the Nuun Active base provides the four main electrolytes that play vital roles in hydration and exercise performance: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in a balanced formula. Sodium maintains fluid balance in your system and is crucial for endurance exercise. With 360mg per tablet, you know exactly how much you are taking in, and if more is required to fight cramps or other issues, you can more easily supplement with salt tablets. Potassium (100mg) is a key ingredient that utilizes fluid balance to actively sustain muscle function to reduce the risk of cramping and improves recovery. Magnesium is important for many bodily functions, but most directly for exercise and recovery, serves to help muscles relax. In most activities, muscles contract, and relax, contract and relax. Muscles that don't relax properly during use fatigue quickly. The 25mg provided assists in the relaxation state. Then there is calcium, which is also crucial for muscle function overall. The 13mg may not sound like much but goes a long way, and too much calcium can increase stomach upset.

Nuun Energy also contains a unique blend of B-vitamins that work to breakdown food for energy. Nuun Energy contains 30-100% of the daily value of B-6, B-12, and niacin, making it ideal for absorption without overwhelming the body. The caffeine additive follows the line of the other plant-based sources. Nuun turns to green tea extract for the 40mg of caffeine per tablet. So now you have the ideal hydration balance, a better platform for nutrition absorption, and a boost from caffeine. Is there any question about why Nuun Energy has become so popular? Return to Top


  • Nuun Energy Tablets supply Nuun Active hydration, B-vitamins and caffeine
  • Balanced hydration product that supplements energy specific products for exercise
  • Improved formula uses non-GMO dextrose to increase absorption efficiency
  • Clean ingredients through plant based sweeteners, increases health benefits
  • Gluten-free, dairy and soy free, safe for clean sport certifications
  • Each 10 calorie tablet contains:
    • Sodium: 360mg, to maintain fluids balance
    • Potassium: 100mg , prevents muscle cramps
    • Magnesium: 25mg, relaxes muscles
    • Calcium: 13mg, required for normal muscle functions
    • Vitamin C: 38mg
    • Niacin: 20mg
    • Vitamin B6: 2mg
    • Vitamin B12: 6mcg
    • Caffeine: 40 mg
    • 1 gram of sugar
  • Plant based sweeteners: monk fruit, stevia leaf extract , green tea extract
  • Avocado oil for clean, plant-based production
  • 8-pack of single flavor: Cherry Limeade, Wild Berry, Fresh Lime
  • Each tube contains 10 tablets
  • Tablets can easily be broken in half, used with water, will fizz as dissolving
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