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The Radar Path EV is still the same great Radar Path you love, but the EV lens shield is taller for extended coverage and a larger effective viewing zone. You still get the same width and cheekbone friendly shape of the standard Path lens.The Radar is a terrific shield-style set-up. It's a simple and lightweight design that foregoes the interchangeable lens design of the Radarlock for a more economical choice. This is the go-to product for many riders due to its simplicity and no frills style.

What you get with the Radar Path EV is a single, rimless, spherical, and interchangeable style lens that is connected to the top of the frame and nose bridge. This sounds like standard fare for shield-style glasses, except the Radar's nose bridge is connected to the top of the frame. This means that the frame, lens and nose bridge act as one unified piece for the ultimate in strength and fit. To remove and exchange lenses, simply unclip the nose bridge and then separate the upper corner of the lens and remove. Inverse operation to install and new lens.

The Radar Path EV uses the proven O Matter frames which feature a bombproof polycarbonate construction. They feature a good balance of flexibility and rigidity, which leads to comfort and structure for lens support. The exacting fit is due to Oakley's refined Three Point Fit system. This means just the arms and nose bridge will come into contact with your head. These contact points have Oakley's Unobtanium grippy material which provides an ultra non-slip grip that increases with moisture. Each Radar arm offers smooth action when opening and closing and has a large port for proper air flow and some added ventilation.

Optimal lens clarity is achieved through Oakley's Polaric Ellipsoid technology. Polaric Ellipsoid is actually geometry and measurements that span the lens shield with accurate equalization between each point along the arc of a lens. The HDO optimized lens is mapped and plotted across its arc to produce a non-distortive vision at all angles of vision. Beyond perfect vision the lenses feature Plutonite UV protection and Hydrophobic for water repellency and smudge protection. The classic Iridium treatment provides glare reduction and a tuned light transmission in brighter conditions.

Some models of the Radar EV Path are equipped with an Oakley engineered PRIZM lens. PRIZM is a lens tech that fine-tunes individual wavelengths of color, to sharpen visual acuity that reveals nuances that would be missed by the naked eye, offering ultra-precise color tuning. The clarity and object definition is stunning, with excellent visible light protection. Various models are designed for road, trail, and other applications. The Field lens, featured here in several frame options, has a very similar specification to the Road (20% VLT, Indigo base color) lens, but in a Magenta base color and featuring a 15% Visible Light Transmission. Both have been developed for changing light conditions and increased contrast. Please be aware that all of the Field-equipped lenses come on frames that feature a small MLB logo that sits against the bridge of the nose. We brought these models in because many cyclists have requested the Field lens option.

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  • EV shield lens size with the popular Radar Path model, great for running/cycling
  • Polaric Ellipsoid® spherical shielding, with extended coverage of EV lens
  • Hydrophobic® lens coating repels water and smudges
  • Three Point Fit® system w/Unobtanium® rubber-like earsocks, nose grippers
  • Enhanced optics with either Iridium or PRIZM lenses
  • Plutonite® lens filters UV rays and offers impact protection
  • HDO® Hi-Def, and/or PRIZM optics offer unbeatable clarity
  • Lens system is interchangeable, other Radar Path and EV options sold separately
  • Select frame/lens option in drop down menu
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