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Looking for a new lens for your Radar Path frame? Oakley's position at the top of the sports eyewear world is largely built on their incredible lens technologies. Replacement lenses for your Radar Path glass now include incredible PRIZM options. PRIZM offers the most fine-tuned level of clarity and color distinction available in full or compromised light, such as shadow. The wearer can see texture changes and refined images that are crucial as a cyclist traveling on the road or trail must constantly be aware of all changes and inconsistencies to make razor sharp judgments in handling, speed correction, and cornering. The level of refinement from the naked eye is impressive and immediate.

Optimal lens clarity is achieved through Oakley's Polaric Ellipsoid technology. Polaric Ellipsoid is actually geometry and measurements that span the lens shield with accurate equalization between each point along the arc of a lens. The HDO optimized lens is mapped and plotted across its arc to produce a non-distortive vision at all angles of vision. Beyond perfect vision the lenses feature Plutonite UV protection and Hydrophobic for water repellency and smudge protection. The classic Iridium treatment provides glare reduction and a tuned light transmission in brighter conditions.

The indigo-based PRIZM Road lens has a visible light transmission (VLT) of 20% increases contrast and responds to changing light conditions. It can handle high sun and full shade. The overall effect of the PRIZM road is that it allows cyclists to react faster and more appropriately to the variables they face on the road, such as pavement texture, surface debris, etc. It also reduces most glare, albeit differently than a polarized lens. The PRIZM Trail option has a Grapefruit base color, with 36% VLT, and is best for fast changing light conditions, offering increased contrast for immediate recognition of trail conditions.

Just a note about bike computer/GPS/phone use. If you have a non-color screen- such as on many GPS units, your screen will be clear and sharp. If you have a UV coated screen or protector, or a color screen (such as on your smartphone), you will generally be able to see the screen, but as if through the base lens color filter.

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  • Genuine Oakley replacement PRIZM lenses for Radar Path frames
  • Most fine-tuned level of clarity and color distinction available
  • HDO optimized lens of Plutonite material, full UV protection
  • Classic Iridium treatment provides glare reduction and a tuned light transmission in brighter conditions
  • Options: Road, Trail
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