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Mountain Handlebar Grips

ODI is known in mountain biking as the go-to grip. The locking jaws innovated by ODI have been copied and copied, but no one has made a better grip. The simplicity of tightening an allen bolt has eliminated the need for hair spray, air compressors and many other tricks to try to get a grip to stay put. Throttle Grip is instantly eliminated, resulting in complete rider confidence and license to get after it on the trail.

ODI grips have been trusted by many top riders, land have been the go-to option for literally thousands of mountain bikers of all levels. The 130mm long Rogue grip design provides a more substantial and slightly softer interface than the standout Ruffian style, adding extra shock absorption with recessed channels that reduce the risk that perspiration or wet conditions will compromise your ability to control the cockpit. The metal Lock Jaw clamps not only hold your grip in place but also protect your bar while you are riding. This kit includes both the Lock Jaw clamps and the Lock-On Grips.

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  • 100% slip free performance from grip/locking collar interface
  • Includes, grips, Lock Jaw Clamps and upgraded Snap Cap end plugs
  • Easy to install (2.5mm hex wrench) and safe for alloy or carbon bars
  • Rogue grip provides extra shock absorption
  • Length: 130mm
  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Options: Black grips with Black clamps, Black grips with Silver clamps
  • Weight: 122 grams
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