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Mountain Handlebar Grips

Classic cycling components and accessories that have long sales lives share many characteristics, but the key is that - you guessed it - riders still prefer them over the multitude of newer options. ODI has long been known for superlative grips for both MX and MTB use, among other great products and their MX-driven Ruffian Lock-On grip has always combined an ultra narrow knurled surface and Lock-On Grip System technology for the ultimate in rider-to-grip control and grip-to-bar safety.

At 30mm and 130mm long, this slim grip design features a knurled pattern that is as simple as it is effective for maximum traction between hand and grip, no matter what glove style or thickness are used. The slim and shorter set-up also offers ideal tactile feedback for riders who prefer a firmer platform with less bulk. With so much hand traction, a looser, more adaptive hand wrap is feasible for those who can tear it up with relaxed hands and supple arms movement. The much-copied ODI dual lock-on collars mate to the grip over a 22.2mm bar for incredible hold no matter how much force the rider applies to the handlebar via the grip. While ODI has also offered variations on the Ruffian design, the original is still a trail-dominating favorite.

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  • Long-time MTB grip choice for those who prefer a low profile, max feel/hold lock-on grip/li>
  • Rugged knurled pattern for maximum traction and grip with all kinds of gloves and bare hands
  • Ultra narrow racing profile
  • ODI's Lock-On Grip System = 100% Slip Free performance
  • Double aluminum locking collars for each grip
  • Grip diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 130mm
  • Includes: 2 grips, 2 sets of lock-on collars, 2 Snap Cap End Plugs
  • Color: Black w/Black lock-on collars
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