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Road Valves - UST & Tubeless

Orange Seal’s comprehensive Tubeless Conversion Kit includes everything that you need to convert your bare tubeless ready wheels to a tubeless system. The kit contains rim tape, two 48mm removable valve core (RVC) valve stems, RVC tool, twist-lock injector, and an 8 ounce bottle of standard Orange Seal sealant. We engineered each of the products in the kit with you and your time on your bicycle in mind.

Orange Seal's products are all high quality, effective, and designed for simple use. The sealant itself features various size particles that assist the premium grade special latex formula in tire set-up and to quickly fill holes up to 1/4". We have found the tape to lay down nicely in most rim beds, without being overly finicky. The removable valve design is smart, allows for better airflow and seals to most rim shapes with no problems. Orange Seal has become the most important competitor to the red/black brand, in large part because the products simply work, and well.

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  • High quality tubeless set-up kit for tubeless ready - compatible rims
  • Everything that you need to convert your bare tubeless ready wheels to a tubeless system
  • Kit contains:
    • Two wheels worth of rim tape
    • Two 48mm valve stems with RVC valves
    • RVC tool
    • Twist-lock injector
    • 8oz bottle of sealant
  • Sized by tape width
  • Options: 18mm, 24mm
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