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The Rewards Program - How it Works

How do I earn Excel Giveback Rewards?

Select product pages on our website show the dollar amount (and points) you'll receive toward future Excel Sports purchases when you buy that item. The more you buy, the more you'll have in your Excel Sports Giveback Rewards piggy bank for future purchases. You don't need to subscribe to our email list, convince your friends to join, or post anything to social media. You need to always use the same email address when you check out because we keep track of Giveback Rewards based on your email address.

How do I spend Excel Giveback Rewards?

Log in to your Excel Sports account using the email address you used to earn your Excel Giveback Rewards. You'll see the option to apply some or all of your Excel Giveback Rewards balance toward the purchase on the checkout page of our website. You can use your Rewards on any purchase, even a gift card for someone else.

What's the catch?

The only catch is that you will occasionally receive emails from us telling you how many unspent Excel Giveback Reward dollars you have and if any will expire. You can unsubscribe from those emails if you'd rather not get them. So, really, there is no catch. Excel Sports will not sell or share your personal information with anyone.

How can I not participate?

There is a simple opt-out option at checkout if you don't want to use our Excel Giveback Rewards program.

When will my Excel Giveback Rewards expire?

Unused Excel Giveback Rewards will expire one year after you earn them. Sorry that we have to do this, but unused Excel Giveback Rewards are a tax liability for us, and expiring them is necessary for us and our accounting. Besides, who needs to go more than a year without buying more cycling gear?

Will I earn Excel Giveback Rewards in your Boulder showroom?

Nope. Sorry, but our Excel Giveback Rewards can only be earned and spent through our website.

How does returning a product affect my Giveback Rewards?

Why do I sometimes see points?

There's nothing worse than wasting your time trying to figure out how much money your point balance is worth, which is why we do our best to be transparent and translate points into dollars. You'll see reward points translated to dollars on our product pages, in the checkout process, and our emails. Excel Sports uses Yotpo's reward point engine to power our Excel Giveback Rewards, and Yotpo is fundamentally based on a point system, so you'll still see points in places like your reward history.

The fine print

Rewards are not transferable. Reward balances from different email addresses, even if those email addresses belong to the same person, can not be combined. Rewards can only be used to receive discounts for online purchases made on the excelsports.com website. Rewards can only be earned when shopping online on the excelsports.com website. Rewards have no cash value. The Excel Sports Giveback Reward program, including the value of rewards, the rewards earned per product, and the expiration of rewards, is subject to change at any time without notice.