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Body Geometry

Conceiving and developing great cycling shoes starts with a pure understanding of the proper anatomic and ergonomic requirements of the shoe-foot interface, the purpose of the shoe, and how the shoe as a fully integrated entity utilizes material and closure technologies. Specialized knows if the goal of the cycling activity is maximum efficiency and power transfer with little wasted energy from foot movement, as it is in road and XC mountain bike racing, the foot must be controlled within the shoe. At the same time it must be fully supported and cradled by the shoe, while allowing it to breathe and relax.

The science of Body Geometry, as it pertains to shoes, focuses on that proper support based on understanding of the alignment of the leg from foot to hip, the need to maintain a natural arch, and creating a lift under the metatarsals to keep proper bone structure shape that prevents collapse under constant pressure, preventing nerve impingement and blood flow reduction. Hence the Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch Support, and Metatarsal Button features were developed, changing expectations for comfort and performance.

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Road Shoes

The pro-race level work horse of the Specialized Road Shoe line-up is the S-Works SL7. This shoe has all the features and performance you need for full seasons of racing. Should you want more ventilation, opt for the S-Works Vent, which sacrifices very little performance. Looking for the lightest combination of performance and comfort? The sub 150 gram S-Works EXOS fits like a slipper, but a bit stiffer.

Incredible design prowess and application of material technology enables Specialized to offer lightweight shoes that are actually durable, have incredible fit and support, and deliver impressive power to the pedals. From various FACT carbon sole designs, to amazing uppers made from Dyneema Mesh™, and usage of BOA's wire closure systems, the S-Works models directly inform the Torch-series shoes, creating an excellent selection overall.


Mountain Shoes

It may seem strange given the massive success Specialized has enjoyed in road cycling the last two decades, but the company has been a major player and influencer in the mountain bike realm even longer. From outfitting everyday trail riders to dominant World Cup and Olympic champions, Specialized's mountain shoes have been the platform of countless riders. Applying Body Geometry principles to shoes that require more versatility along with premium performance requires deep innovation and real rider knowledge.

The Recon series easily suits mountain, gravel and cyclocross riders at every level. Headlined by race-ready S-Works Recon, with its’ Dyneema Mesh and super light - ultra stiff XC FACT carbon midsole, and SlipNot tread rubber, the four Recon models deliver incredible fit, comfort, support and level-based performance. Balancing the various needs of pedaling stiffness versus walkability on all terrains, each version delivers exactly what you need.