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Urban E-bikes

The all-new Turbo Vado, Como, and Tero are the smoothest, quietest, most powerful, and most secure electric bikes Specialized has ever made. These bikes are also quite enjoyable to ride, not matter what your bicycling background is. The folks in Morgan Hill knew they had to conquer some pretty massive challenges for more E-bike adoption , like riding with cars, bike theft, and on-bike storage. Price can be added in there, but interested potential riders have to factor in the value of reducing local car trips, personal health benefits, and saving time and all types of energy on a regular basis. Specialized's Turbo bikes are made with various power assist options, are built for rider and community safety, and can handle being a year-round "daily driver" in places where weather and road access allows. The company has committed to supporting the bikes through their bicycle retail store network for sales and service, has well thought out accessories and necessary parts available online and in the store network, and has worked with industry partners to ensure batteries have great longevity and a recycling program that ensures you can easily and safely turn your battery back in knowing it will be handled properly.

Explore Specialized's innovations for the new full-powered Turbo electric bikes; designed to make more everyday rides happen.

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The Turbo Vado SL EQ and Excel Sports

With such a strong line of E-bikes offered by Specialized, Excel Sports has largely built our options from the Turbo Vado SL EQ models. Ideally equipped out of the box, easy to ride, secure, and manage, the Turbo Vado SL 4 and 5 EQ models hit the sweetspot for many types of riders. Although we have long been known for high-end road bikes and equipment, we have also supported the Boulder and Denver Colorado areas with wear items and options that all riders require. Many of our road customers, including bike racers and high mileage enthusiasts have expressed interest in, or already own, an urban e-bike as a great way to get around town for practical errands, bike commutes, and family activities.

The Turbo Vado SL EQ bikes may have no direct competitor offering the same level of quality, performance, usability, and equipped packages. No other e-bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like these models, at nearly 40% lighter than the average e-bike, they are built to go with you at a weight that's light enough to carry. The Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ is best for your daily commute, quick errands, and getting around town when a car is just unnecessary. Extra-bright, built-in lights in front and back mean you'll see and be seen. DRYTECH aluminum fenders keep water and road spray away, and a standard rear rack is always ready for your bags and panniers. This is your go-to for local transportation or just an easy fun ride with the family. While the Turbo Como may offer more power, and we may well stock it in the near future, the Turbo Vado SL EQ is our top Urban E-Bike choice.

Specialized Urban E-bike Collection