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Specialized Gravel Tires

In such a short time frame, gravel has come to dominate cycling conversations at bike shops everywhere. First generation gravel tires borrowed heavily, or completely from the cyclocross world, and it was hard to find anything over 700x38mm. Now gravel tires can run from 700x33 to 700x50, and have tread designs, rubber compounds, and casings that can handle anything from loaded bikepacking to the fastest gravel race events in the world. The variety is incredible, and when it comes to tire tread variety, compound capability, tubeless security and overall performance, Specialized leads the way. With the incredibly popular and versatile Pathfinder-series, as well as the tire library of the Terra, the Tracer, Trigger, Sawtooth and Rhombus models, if Specialized doesn't have a tire to meet your needs, it may not actually be available. Most options are made in 700 and 650b sizes, with some S-Works designs, but largely built around the durability and quality of the Pro-series tires, the line-up is deep.

Perfected Tire Design

Coming as standard equipment on most Crux complete gravel bikes, the Pathfinder models in most widths are capable and sure. From first glance, it appears these tires are meant more for pavement and firm dirt, well maintained country roads, but the combination of speed from the smooth center and excellent hook-up of the shoulder tread works in a wide variety of gravel conditions, especially with the low pressures afforded by the 2Bliss Ready design. At the other end of the tread spectrum, the Rhombus Pro 2BR, which is only available in a 700x42 or 47 is much more capable in soft or rougher terrain, making it a great adventure tire that can handle a brutal long event rolling under a determined endurance rider. The options in between can be combined with other models for the perfect front and rear set-up or just pick a pair for general purpose gravel use; perhaps the Trigger Pro for a pretty fast, but versatile tread that does everything well? If gravel is your passion, Specialized makes your tire.