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Road Tires - Clincher

The Panaracer Agilest is now packaged in convenient 2-packs to make your purchase simpler and add value.

Following the success of the Race series tires, Panaracer has developed a new AGILE road version of their ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) rubber compound for this folding clincher Agilest Road Tire. By maximizing the effectiveness of the rubber, 120tpi casing, and strong tire bead knowledge and experience, Panaracer has delivered a true road race tire that weighs just 210 grams in the 700x28 size. You even get excellent, but supple puncture protection with the Tough & Flex Super Belt Protection system. A mildly textured shoulder-to-shoulder tread maximizes the capability of the new AGILE compound, and delivers excellent grip and hold while cornering in wet or dry conditions, while still providing low rolling resistance when flying over the flats and rollers. You don't compromise grip or rolling resistance so you can ride with confidence and focus on the road ahead. Panaracer has many loyal road cyclists and racers going back to the Stradius and forward to the previous generation Pro-series tires. If you are one of them, you'll love that the Agilest 40 grams lighter than the Pro (700x25), as well as having reduced rolling resistance by 12%. The Pro was no slouch in either measure, and when you add in an improved protection belt, you race assured of a fast finish.

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  • High performance road clincher tire optimized for road race in a lightweight, fast rolling, all conditions design
  • Reduces rolling resistance by 12% and weight by 40g compared to the previous model in a 700x25
  • Perfectly demonstrates the "Panaracer Ratio" with its balance of performance, puncture resistance, and grip while excelling at low rolling resistance
  • ZSG AGILE road-oriented compound delivers high performance no matter if it’s hot or cold, wet or dry
  • 120tpi Advanced Extra Alpha Cord Casing is proven, perfectly shaped, and supple
  • Tough & Flex Super Belt Protection maintains the supple feel but offers shoulder-to-shoulder protection
  • Size | Weight | Max pressure:
    • 700x25 | 190g | 140psi
    • 700x28 | 210g | 110
  • Colors: Black/Black, Black/Amber
  • Made in Japan
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