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Gravel Tires Tubeless

The Panaracer GravelKing has become a series, not just a tire. Essentially the GravelKing AC TLC Tire is built on the casing, protection and rubber compound of the original TLC version, but with a tread knob design developed for mud and mixed conditions. We can see this being a great gravel option for softer, muddier tracks, a true cyclocross tire (hence the 33mm option), and a fun all rounder for light trail riding on your drop bar bike.

At the heart of the tire lies a 120 tpi super supple AX-a casing which offers a subtle ride quality. On the top of the casing is Panaracer's familiar PT protection belt. This component is responsible for preventing flats and for those who are already Panaracer users, the PT belt is the reason you can go a season sans flatting. This belt is cloth-like in texture so while adding protection, it will not interfere with ride quality. The natural rubber compound used in the GravelKing AC TLC has a great balance of grip and low rolling resistance. Panaracer chose an aggressive tread with grip an all-condition grip purpose, but with faster rolling speed than expected. No matter how you slice it the GravelKing AC TLC is a clear winner for it's category and beyond due to it's low weight and exceptional handling manners.

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  • Soft, muddy, all conditions tubeless compatible tire for gravel, cross, all-around use
  • Folding, shaped Aramid Tubeless Bead
  • Super supple 120 TPI AX-a casing of original GK
  • Natural ZSG rubber compound
  • Aggressive center pair staggered tread with edge knobs ideal for tubeless use
  • PT protection belt
  • Handles well, with better speed than you'd expect and great hook-up
  • Durable with protection
  • Sizes: 700x33, 700x35
  • Colors: Black/Black, Black/Brownk
  • Weight: 700x333 300 grams, 700x35 360 grams
  • Made in Japan
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