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As the name would suggest, Panaracer purpose-built the GravelKing tire to perform on secondary roads which includes dirt and unpaved surfaces, but also have solid handling manners on smoother paved roads. Add this duality with the ultimate in durability and you have the world's greatest alternative road tire. It is one of the few tires in it's class that is light and handles exceptionally well. That's a sharp contrast to many gravel tires that have less than desirable ride qualities for the sake of durability. Think of the GravelKing as a crazy-durable road tire with a file tread pattern for added traction in adverse conditions that is available in wider diameters.

At the heart of the tire lies a 127tpi casing which offers a subtle ride quality. On the top of the casing is Panaracer's familiar PT protection belt. This component is responsible for preventing flats and for those who are already Panaracer users, the PT belt is the reason you can go a season sans flatting. This belt is cloth-like in texture so while adding protection, it will not interfere with ride quality. The natural rubber compound used in the GravelKing has a great balance of grip and low rolling resistance. And while we wouldn't quite classify the compound as mileage-crunchers, you should easily get a few thousand miles out of a pair. Panaracer wisely choose file tread for grip an all-conditions with solid road performance. No matter how you slice it the GravelKing is a clear winner for it's category and beyond due to it's low weight and exceptional handling manners. Gravel riding, winter training and overall bomber road tire, the GK does it all.

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  • Fastest rolling tire in its class
  • Folding Aramid Bead
  • AX-a 120tpi casing
  • ZSG natural rubber compound; offers enhanced wear resistance
  • PT protection belt
  • Alternating file tread pattern
  • Smooth handling
  • Ultra durable
  • Sizes:
    • Size / Weight / Max Pressure- Tubeless | w/Tube
    • 700x32mm / 290g / 60psi | 95psi
    • 700x35mm / 310g / 60psi | 70psi
    • 700x38mm / 330g / 60psi | 75psi
  • Colors: Please select from a wide range of color options in drop-down menu
  • Made in Japan
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