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Road Tires - Clincher

Panaracer Race A EVO4 Road Tire

Panaracer's clincher road tires have long been a real alternative the famous European tire brands, and Excel Sports has built a strong relationship based on respect and quality with the Japanese company. With the release of the Race A EVO4 series tires, Panaracer has increased the pressure on the competition, delivering reduced rolling resistance, increased grip, better inherent protection and a new version of the All Contact shape that maximizes the improved capabilities over the EVO3 series tire.

It all starts with the rubber and in this Panaracer is well informed and has upgraded to the ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) Advanced Compound, with better inherent protection from small penetrations, more advanced wet/dry grip to the tune of a 20% improvement over the previous compound. Rolling resistance was also reduced- by 10%. These are real performance gains from the EVO3, which was a real race clincher option.

The textured tread and overall tire shape represents a new version of the Panaracer All Contact shape, which maximizes the capabilities of the ZSG rubber. The advanced development of the Race A EVO4 Tire also required a lighter all around AX-a casing and lightweight ProTite protection belt. For those who race on clinchers and appreciate speed and grip, this is a tire that can deliver the performance you need.


  • Lightweight, all-around, race-level road clincher tire improved across the board
  • Lightly textured tread rubber provides excellent grip and control, wet or dry
  • Mounted on 19mm internal width rim at 105psi, the 25mm measured 25.2mm
  • Supple, light, highly effective ProTite Shield puncture-protection layer under the tread
  • ZSG Advanced Compound is lighter, inherently more resilient to small particle infiltration, offer 10% lower rolling resistance, and 20% more wet-dry grip than the EVO3 series
  • New All Contact shape tire shape maximizes the ZSG AC rubber
  • Sizes: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 23mm 200g , 25mm 230g, 28mm 240g
  • Made in Japan