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Road Tires - Clincher

Panaracer Race D EVO4 Road Tire

Racing is always carries a proposition of risk. Do you cover the move, or hope someone else does? Do you take questionable line that offers a real chance but carries greater risk. or do you check up and hope you didn't lose your chance? One thing is for sure, you can't win if you don't finish, and a flat can ruin all your prep and race day investment. The Panaracer Race D EVO4 Tire is the race and fast training clincher with greater durability and overall protection with just a minor weight penalty. You still get all the advanced Panaracer technologies that define the EVO4-series tires and offer lower rolling resistance, increased wet and dry grip, and consistent performance.

It all starts with the rubber and in this Panaracer is well informed and has upgraded to the ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) Advanced Compound, with better inherent protection from small penetrations, more advanced wet/dry grip to the tune of a 20% improvement over the previous compound. Rolling resistance was also reduced- by 10%. These are real performance gains from the EVO3 series tires. The textured tread and overall tire shape represents a new version of the Panaracer All Contact shape, which maximizes the capabilities of the ZSG rubber. The advanced development of the Race A EVO4 Tire also required a lighter all around AX-a casing. The Race D EVO4 Tire adds bead-to-bead ProTite Shield protection (instead of just under the tread), and a Double Dipped Duro version of the casing. Consider all that protection added, yet in the 700x25, it only adds 10 grams of weight.

The Race D EVO4 is a tire that defies its protection level. While it may not be as light or as supple as the Race A version, the differences are subtle. Grip and control are essentially the same. Perhaps you will favorite it for training as the characteristics will be consistent with the Race A, which you may use only on race day. Suffice to say that with EVO4 Panaracer has succeeded in developing a clincher and tubeless tire line-up which gives you choices, but choices that will be impressive and familiar.


  • All-around, race-level road clincher tire with increased protection, durability
  • Lightly textured tread rubber provides excellent grip and control, wet or dry
  • Mounted on 19mm internal width rim at 105psi, the 25mm measured 25.1mm
  • Bead-to-bead ProTite Shield puncture-protection, 3D Duro protected AX-a casing
  • ZSG Advanced Compound is lighter, inherently more resilient to small particle infiltration, offer 10% lower rolling resistance, and 20% more wet-dry grip than the EVO3 series
  • New All Contact shape tire shape maximizes the ZSG AC rubber
  • Sizes: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28
  • Color: Black/Brown
  • Weight: 23mm 220g , 25mm 240g, 28mm 260g
  • Made in Japan