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Tools & Maintenance Work Stands

Park Tool 100-3C Professional Adjustable Linkage Clamp

The clamp. Seen in more bike shops around the world than any other single model, the Park Tool 100-3C Professional Adjustable Linkage Clamp is incredibly durable, mechanically simple, and set-up for Park's most popular shop-level workstands: the PRS-2, PRS-3, PRS-4, as well as the pre-6/1996 PRS-5 model. While the jaw itself opens a full 4", it closes to secure fit on on bike tubes and seatposts from 1" to 1-5/8" (25mm to 41mm), and features a leveraged linkage system that locks in place. That linkage is adjustable with a long hex fitting that can be controlled by hand. Newer designs may be faster and easier to use, but many are also prone to wear, or can too easily be unlocked. Yes, it takes some common sense and practice to get the adjustments right, but once you do, it is pretty fast. You have to exercise caution with carbon seatposts and tubes, as well as aluminum tubes as well, but many shop techs still prefer the 100-3C over all other stand clamps.

The easiest way to make sure if the 100-3C is the proper clamp type for your stand is examine the extended steep spindle section that goes into the stand mount. Park also offers the same clamp design for other stands, but with a short, composite-covered end (see the 100-5C). The only real wear items on the 100-3C are the double cable-relief clamp covers, which are made from a soft composite. Park offers a replacement set under their part number, 468B. As for the non-wearing items, the body and main components are made from solid cast aluminum. A machined steel sleeve rides cleanly and smoothly within the stand mount. A simple vinyl hand grip on the lever provides grip and comfort. Odds are if you are reading this, you know exactly what you are looking for, and why, but for those that don't, if you want the most durable, secure clamp for the specified Park workstands, you found it.


  • Adjustable linkage shop clamp found on more workstands, in more shops, than any other professional level clamp
  • Features solid cast aluminum construction, steel sleeve-pin
  • Linkage adjustable by hand, linkage locks lever in place
  • Clamp has reliefs on both jaws for cable routing
  • Fits all generations of PRS-2, PRS-3, and PRS-4 stands
  • Also fits PRS-5 stands manufactured before 6/96
  • Fits bike frame tubes from 1" to 1-5/8" (25mm to 41mm)
  • Clamp jaws open nominally to 4 inches (10cm) wide
  • Durable replaceable clamp covers are replaceable (Park 468B)
  • Park also offers the PRS-CRK linkage rebuild kit for long-time users