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Tools & Maintenance Work Stands

Park Tool 1729-TA Sliding Thru Axle Adaptor

The Park PRS-20, PRS-21 have been favorites of traveling cyclists and team mechanics for years, and the PRS-23 was developed to give shop mechanics a more permanent option. The beam and tripod design of the PRS-20 and PRS-21 offers easy 360° access to the bike being serviced and the units fold away compactly. With it's fixed base the PRS-23 offers the same bike access, and like its brethren is favorite for aero bikes that are impossible to safely clamp in the traditional method. The original design was developed when quick release axles were not only the norm, but virtually all bikes used them. The Park 1729-TA Sliding Thru Axle Adaptor replaces the quick release version that came with the beam stands so you have the flexibility to service thru-axle designs, making the stands current and somewhat future proof.

Simply loosen the existing slider via the standard knob and slide it off the square beam. Then slide the other option on. Simple, quick, and efficient. Your existing beam stand will now securely work with 12mm or 15mm thru-axle systems. No need to use fork-up style adaptors or homemade rigs.


  • Sliding Thru Axle Adaptor for Park beam-style workstands
  • Adds 12mm and 15mm TA flexibility to your beam stand
  • Compatible with Park PRS-20, PRS-21, PRS-23 workstands
  • Steel construction with powdercoat finish
  • Simply slide off QR version, then slide TA version on and tighten into position