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Park offers shop quality aluminum bottom bracket tools for just about every system made and this dual sided model was built for the M30 and M35 options made by Praxis. The Precision CNC machined dual-sided aluminum tool is designed to be used for the installation and removal of M30 12-notch and M35 36-notch external bearing bottom brackets.

The tool is black anodized, with with contrasting markings for easy identification, and features a ratchet/torque wrench compatible 3/8" drive on both sides. There are no wrench flats. The design can be used manually for easier thread-starting and removal once loosened. A 360° center section has a knurled texture for secure handling. Given that most thread-in BB cups have a fairly low profile, the face of each is flat and the engagement notches being at the flat surface.

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  • Precision CNC machined dual-sided aluminum tool build for strength and specified interfaces
  • Flat faces and tooling for very low-profile BB cup designs
  • installation and removal of 12-notch and 36-notch external bearing bottom brackets
  • Featuring a ratchet/torque wrench compatible 3/8" drive
  • Knurled 360° zone around tool allows for secure handling/use when grease or lubricant is present
  • Dual-sided interfaces fits Praxis® M30 and M35 bottom bracket system
  • M30: 12-notch, 48mm OD cup
  • M35: 36-notch, 51.7mm OD cup
  • Finish: Anodized Black with white spec ID'
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