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Park Tool BDT-1 Belt Drive Sprocket Remover

Belt drive bikes are no longer at the margins. The use of belt drive has increased gradually and with the push of bike commuting and internal gear designs like Shimano's outstanding Alfine option, it seems belt drive is right around every corner. Having the right tools for any job is why Park Tool exists, and some belt drive requirements are unique. Removing a belt drive rear sprocket requires essentially a sprocket-specific "chainwhip", which prevents the freewheel from spinning as you remove the lockring that holds the sprocket in place. Sound familiar?

The Park BDT-1 Belt Drive Sprocket Remover features a curved extension and spring loaded closure. Both ends feature a pin that interfaces cleanly with virtually all belt drive sprockets we have seen. It fits most major manufacturers’ sprocket sizes, and is easy to use and effective with all of them. Like many flat Park tools the BDT-1 is made with heavy duty, heat treated steel, and has a durable black phosphate finish that resists oils, greases and corrosion. The blue, dipped vinyl handle gives away it's maker, but that is okay. The handle end hole makes for easy hanging on your bench back tool wall.


  • Specialty tool for securing belt drive sprocket during lockring removal
  • Belt drive version of a "chain whip"
  • Spring activated pivoting tool faces with cog engaging pins
  • Fits most major manufacturers’ sprocket sizes
  • Heavy duty, heat treated steel
  • Durable black phosphate finish
  • Vinyl dipped handle