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Tools & Maintenance Bottom Bracket, Cassette, & Cog Tools

Park Tool BTS-1 Bottom Bracket Tapping & Facing Set

"Hi. Can I please get this steel frame chased and faced?". There was a time when a bike shop heard this all the time. Now, with the proliferation of pressed-in bottom bracket bearings and carbon frames you just don't have as much call for it, but it is not unheard of. There are plenty of steel bikes being ridden, made, and sold. If you are a shop or home mechanic who services and/or build steel bikes, the Park BTS-1 Bottom Bracket Tapping & Facing Set must be near the top of your wish list. Having the ability to tap (chase) bottom bracket threads is crucial, and can be done on any frame with steel or aluminum threaded shells. Facing the shell so that the sides are perfectly parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the threading, heavily reduces bearing wear and potential friction from poorly aligned surfaces.

The BTS-1 is a self contained set for tapping and facing English threaded (1.370" x 24 TPI right and left) bottom bracket shells. You get the proper left and right thread taps, and a 45mm OD facing cutter. The T-handles are defined as with arbor, and without. The system is not complicated, but it requires some specific knowledge- and for beginners, at least one practice frame to learn on. Park offers detailed instructions, and also has a very good guide on their website for best results. This is not a tool set to take lightly. The taps and cutter are precision tools, very sharp and can be professionally sharpened by specialty machinists or Park Tool. The steel handles have a great weight to them, and are also precision built for the tasks. Always know exactly what you are dealing with, how to use the tools, and liberally apply cutting fluid. This not only a machine shop quality tool set, but one ideally employed by experienced individuals. It is far easier to damage your frame than to do it correctly.


  • Precision tool set for tapping and facing English threaded bottom bracket shells
  • T-handles are designed specifically for these tasks, with piloted system for accuracy
  • Always tap threads before facing; taps are used as guides for facing
  • Best used by experienced machinist or mechanic
  • Always liberally apply cutting fluid and follow all instructions
  • Includes:
    • 1.370 x 24 TPI right hand tap – English (part #691)
    • 1.370 x 24 TPI left hand tap – English (part #692)
    • 45mm facing cutter (part #690)
    • Plated steel T-handle with arbor, knurled handles for grip, control
    • Plated steel T-handle with knurled handles for grip and control
    • Snap Ring Retainer for optional permanent tap mounting
    • Spring Retainer
    • Instructions, with parts diagram
  • Taps and facing cutter are quite sharp- handle and store carefully
  • Park offers Italian-type 36mm x 24 TPI Right hand Taps, # 693- 2 required, which are sold separately