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Tools & Maintenance Tool Kits

Park Tool BXB-2 Backpack Harness for BX-2

Travel or event mechanics have long been Park Tool's true ambassadors outside a bike shop. Cycling fans love to walk he pits or mechanics row and check out the bikes and equipment. Park has offered several excellent travel kits over the years, including: BX-1, BX-2, EK-1 and EK-2. Optimized to effectively work with all of these kits, the BXB-2 Backpack Harness was specifically designed to complement and carry the BX-2. The luggage style tool case of the BX-2 has a great carrying handle, but when you have to hump your gear in from the outer rim parking lot, nothing beats a truly supportive and secure backpack style harness. Plus it leaves your hands free to shake hands with the hordes of bike tech groupies on the way in. Well, perhaps. More likely you can use both hands to carry more gear!

Specially designed to carry the Park Blue Box on your back. The BXB-2 is a well-built, secure and comfortable backpack system complete with padded shoulder straps, handy accessory pouches; plus waist and chest straps. The BXB-2 is fully adjustable and set up is quick and easy. The straps padding is well done and fully appreciated if your BX-2 weighs anything like ours.


  • Backpack harness with padded straps, extra storage for specified Park tool kits
  • Padded, fully adjustable shoulder, waist and chest straps
  • Well-built, secure and comfortable backpack system
  • BXB-2 will fit both the BX-2 and BX-1 Blue Box Tool Cases
  • Harness fits all versions of the EK-1, EK-2 Professional Travel & Event Kits
  • Note: backpack harness only, no tool box included
  • Color: Black