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Tools & Maintenance Frame & Fork Tools

Park Tool FFS-2 Frame and Fork Straightener

Feeling like some manual labor to address that bent or crooked frame, fork, or crankset? Sometimes you do what have to do, so long as your shop is in the back room, away from the public, or you run a bike recycling set-up where everyday miracles bring smiles to the faces of those who rely on bikes in ways most of us don't. Still, when you have to straighten steel parts or frames, the Park FFS-2 Frame and Fork Straightener can add some precision, effect leverage, and make you look good.

The FFS-2 is considered a versatile tool, capable of straightening frames, forks, cranksets, and handlebars. We stress that as a rule of thumb, you should only seek to manipulate steel parts and frame. Working with aluminum often creates stress risers, and compromise integrity of the material. The tool itself has fixed end hook, and an adjustable, positionable hook on the curve of the tool. The two hooks and the handle have frame and hand saving vinyl protection of this hardened steel tool.

The adjustable hook accommodates tubes up to 1 3/4" in diameter and over 8" in sliding adjustment along the curve. You set the fixed hook at the desired bending point, then place the adjustable hook as safely far away as possible to maximize leverage. The item being straightened must be secure in a stand or vise, then you leverage the tool to effect the bend. It can be best to bend incrementally You should be using measurements or angle measurement tools to ensure success. We recommend you practice with the FFS-2 on useless equipment before "giving it a go" on a fixable bike.


  • Manual tool used to straighten frames, forks, and other components
  • Versatile and productive tool that can be used on handlebars and cranksets
  • We recommend use on steel frames and parts only
  • Two hooks, fixed end and adjustable are vinyl covered to protect surface
  • Adjustable hook accommodates tubes up to 1 3/4" (44mm) in diameter
  • Features over 8" (20.3 cm) of sliding travel adjustment
  • Hardened and welded steel components, with vinyl grip on handle