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For dedicated steel bike enthusiasts the old way is the only way. And that is fine with us! Most cyclists of over a certain age think fondly on their steel steed with a threaded fork and headset, finished off with a clean and classy quill-style stem. If you have 1" steerer steel fork, it is possible you may need to chase the existing threads, or if the only suitable replacement you could find isn't threaded, Park Tool offers the FTS-1 Fork Threading Set. Formerly a staple of every bike shop, we sell them more nowadays to bike recyclers, boutique shops for steel bikes, and the hardcore cyclists and collectors who love their steel bikes, even if a carbon Colnago C60 is also hanging lovingly displayed within view. The point is, the FTS-1 is still a required tool for many bike folks, and when you need it, there are few options still available.

The FTS-1 comes as a set a handle, a guide and cutting die for 1" non-chromed steerer tubes. Park also offers other guides and dies that can be used with the handle for 1⅛" and 1¼" models, but those were much rarer standards as threadless set-ups swept over the industry. The steel die handle is beefy, and delivers perfect two-side leverage with it's knurled ends. It is designed to carry both the guide and the cutting die, which get mounted inside the precision-faced and aligned tool center. Hex insert bolts affix the guide and die in place (die at the top, guide underneath). The die and guide have the same slot and open face designs to allow removed material (chips and shavings) and excess cutting fluid to drop out the bottom of the tool during use. The system allows to cut or chase threads to whatever distance you require for your head tube and threaded headset stack height. This is a precision tool, with professional grade cutting die that can be sharpened by companies that offer this service to professional machinists and companies.

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  • Professional grade set of 1" fork steerer threading tools
  • Includes: die handles, 1" x 24 tpi cutting die (#606), 1" cutting guide (#610)
  • Die and guide feature same sculpted design to allow chips and shavings to exit
  • Chrome plated steel die handles have knurled handle zones, precision center face
  • Cutting die and guide mount directly into handle, secured by internal hex bolts
  • Allows you to chase existing work/damaged threads, or cut fresh threads in steel
  • Not to be used with chromed steel steerers
  • Die handles also accept 1⅛, 1¼ guides and cutting dies from Park (sold separately)
  • Must have tool for any bike recycler, shop or steel bike collector/enthusiast
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