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Some mechanics prefer to wear gloves while working. Some opt to protect their skin from lubricants, grease, and hydraulic fluid, but others just prefer the feel of gloves which also protect and preserve your hands over the course of a long day of wrenching. Rubber gloves have a place in the shop, but aren't durable or protect hands from the physical nature of the work. Park Tool's GLV-1 is a the perfect balance, serving to protect the hands, but without sacrificing tactile responses. The surfaces are also touchscreen friendly so you can use a smartphone, or in many cases, a touch retail interface.

Park built the GLV-1 in much the same way cycling clothing company's make cycling gloves- from the palm out. the Digital Amara® synthetic leather palm isn't overly thick, but it wears well, and with anatomically shaped external reinforcement patches on the most heavily used zones, it stands the test of day to day wrenching. The back of the glove features a durable two-way stretch knit, with knuckle gussets, that keep the GLV-1 fit to the hand, and moves as required. The material also breathes to keep your hands cool on those busy, hot summer days. A TPR adjustable closure above the wrist secures the fit to your preference. Keeping in the cycling glove spirit, a comfortable, soft fleece brow wipe area over the thumb zone allows you to look cool when the pressure is on.

In today's world, touchscreens are nearly unavoidable (or irresistible) so the thumb and index fingertips are fully touchscreen compatible for easy swiping. Some shop guys are know to wear their GLV-1's for riding and working, so they get double value. If you prefer to wear gloves while you wrench, skip the big box work gloves, and get a pair that meet the requirements of bike mechanics, the GLV Mechanics Glove, from Park Tool- of course.

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  • Work gloves for bike mechanics
  • Perfect combination of comfort and function
  • Digital Amara® palm with anatomically shaped external reinforcement patches
  • Durable two-way stretch knit glove back with knuckle gussets
  • Comfortable, soft fleece brow wipe
  • TPR adjustable closure tab
  • Touch phone compatible thumb and index fingertips
  • Measure hand size around palm, just under metacarpals
  • Sizes: Small 7.5-8", Medium 8.5-9", Large 9.5-10", XL 10.5-11", XXL 11.5-12"
  • Color: Black, with Blue trim
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