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Tools & Maintenance Headset & Hubs Tools

Park Tool HBP-1 Hub Bearing Press Set

The huge variety of hub shell designs and sizes featuring sealed cartridge bearings available today mean mechanics need to prepared for just about any size and system that enters the shop. The same can be said for home mechanics with several bikes across multiple disciplines. Park Tool has always supplied mechanics with the tools required for any bike service, and the HBP-1 Hub Bearing Press Set is as comprehensive a product as we have seen from the Minnesota company. Featuring a stout steel press rod with butterfly handle and a quick release end stop, with precision machined aluminum pilots, spacers and bushings, the HBP-1 delivers the capability to press more than 20 cartridge bearing sizes with multiple axle configurations. All products are etched with ID and OD specs, as well as the common bearing size that equates to those measurements. A second press, which is actually a quick release type skewer, is included for specific installations.

The design of the HBP-1 is ideal for shop mechanics, as it is quick and easy to use, for efficient service times. The entire set comes in a composite case with a cut-out foam organizer to safely and smartly store and secure all of the component pieces. The tools are easy to identify, and with just some basic (but essential) knowledge, proper bearing installation can be managed in minutes, if not seconds. While not inexpensive, any mechanic or shop knows that improperly pressing a cartridge bearing in one high end wheel can permanently damage a bearing and/or the hub, which if you working with a combination of say a Zipp hub and Ceramic Speed bearing, may well cost you more than the HBP-1. So even home mechanics, who might only install bearing twice a year can truly benefit from this comprehensive, precision Hub Bearing Press Set from Park. Keep calm and press on.


  • Comprehensive set of tools for pressing hub bearings in almost any configuration
  • Includes press tool: a spin-type steel shaft- butterfly handle, Quick Release skewer
  • Precision machined aluminum pilots, guides, and bushings for 20 bearing sizes
  • All parts are etched with size and bearing specifications
  • Steel press tool features a slide-on quick end stop collar for fast, simple use
  • Comes in a plastic case, with organizer for safe, secure storage and transport