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Tools & Maintenance Hex Wrenches

Park Tool HR Hex Wrench

Hex wrenches are mainstays in any bike repair zone. While Park Tool offers many options for full sets of commonly used sizes, Big Blue also selects other sizes for individual sale, usually those that are more specialty oriented or larger sizes. The HR Hex Wrench is an L-shaped Hex wrench design that features a standard chamfered edge tool tip on the short end, and a Hex ball driver on the long end of the L.

Park makes their Hex wrenches from torque resistant, hardened, industrial steel. The tool interfaces are precise and durable to heavy shop use. You will be using these tools to remove and install about 80% of all larger modern bike bolts and fittings, so precision, stiffness and power delivery is crucial to overall performance and the integrity of the receiving bolt. Bike shop mechanics choose Park for several reasons, and consistent quality at a great price is never taken for granted by those who use tools for a living. Park offers these larger sized individual wrenches so you can keep your set fresh and complete as needed.


  • Individual, larger size L-shaped Hex wrenches
  • Two tool: short L has standard 6 point Hex key, long end has ball driver
  • Made from industrial quality, through-hardened steel
  • Precise tool faces protect you and the equipment you work on
  • Plenty of leverage for removing crank bolts, and others
  • Sizes: HR-8 8mm, HR-11 11mm, HR-12 12mm, HR-14 14mm, HR-15 15mm