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Tools & Maintenance Bottom Bracket, Cassette, & Cog Tools

With eBike popularity soaring both shop and home mechanics are finding that there are many new tools they need on hand to get the job done. Park Tool has committed to supporting bike mechanics for decades and specific eBike tools like this LRT-2 tool designed for Shimano STEPS® e-bike motor chainring lockrings is a perfect example.

Designed and built to remove and install the lockring that retains front chainrings found on Shimano STEPS® e-bike motors. Due the axle design the LRT-2 must fit over the axle and onto the lockring, which means that you will mostly likely need a Crow Foot style adapter for the 36mm wrench interface to fasten to the proper torque. Park offers the TWB-36 Crow Foot (for a 3/8" ratchet torque wrench for this purpose. A suitably sized adjustable wrench suffices for removal. A final option would be a 36mm socket.

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  • Lockring tool designed for Shimano STEPS® e-bike motor chainring lockrings
  • Fits Shimano STEPS® E6100, E7000, E8000 and E9000 e-bike motor systems
  • For lockrings with 54mm outside diameter with 16 notches
  • Replacement for Shimano TL-FC39 tool
  • 36mm hex drive to be used with Park Tool TWB-36 Crow Foot and a torque wrench to properly measure torque
  • Constructed of 4140 heat treated steel and plated for long life
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