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Tools & Maintenance Wheel Tools

Shop tech's and wheel builders know the stress that wheel truing and tensioning inflict on hands and wrists. Dedicated builders know all too well the pain and discomfort of issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Many of the handiest spoke wrenches were designed to be compact to fit into gaps found on 36 spoke wheels, making the tools effective, but somewhat inefficient. Spoke tools also get heavy use in every shop, so wear resistance and overall durability are required. Park Tool's 3-sided SW-22.2 Master Spoke wrench has been designed and built to answer all of these concerns with a smart looking tool that can be used all day long to your best advantage on wheels that feature .136" (3.45mm) nipples. This is the same size as the Park SW-2 spoke wrench, which has a red handle, and the SW-22.2 carries the color coding over with a red ID badge on the otherwise plated and polished tool body.

Park worked hard to develop a wing-like shape that offers more vertical grip surface and would still deliver the leverage required for stuck nipples or getting up to serious tension. The finest steel was chosen, investment cast then precisely machined and heat treated for hardness. The resulting 3-sided nipple tool interface is incredibly hard and mates perfectly with nipples for sure, clean interaction. After the tool has been plated and polished, the overall finish is bright and enduring, making the SW 22.2 a true shop quality tool that will likely never need to be replaced.

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  • Exceptional quality steel spoke wrench optimal for shop use and wheel building
  • Sized for .136" (3.45mm) nipples (same as Park's SW-2)
  • Balanced, large hand surfaces for easier grip and repetitive use
  • Investment cast, machined and heat treated high quality steel
  • Plated and polished for durability and rare good looks
  • 3-sided nipple interface is supremely machined to tolerance
  • Red badge indicates size and model number (SW-22.2)
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