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Tools & Maintenance Wrenches & Sockets

Park Tool MQ-1 Metric Quad Wrench

When you need leverage and torque for removing large axle nuts such as those on BMX freestyle bikes, a four-way tool can deliver safe effective power from two-handed control. The MQ-1 Metric Quad Wrench from Park Tool can also be used (with an appropriate tool attached) to remove bottom bracket and crank bolts that have been over-tightened or may just be corroded or frozen in place. The Metric Quad Wrench has permanent socket fixtures for 15, 17 and 19mm 6-sided nuts, with a fourth end with a 3/8" square socket interface. You can use any 3/8" socket wrench, socket driver, or any bike tool with that 3/8" interface, such as a Park BBT-69 and many others.

Made from forged steel, with precise tool interfaces and nickel-chrome plating, the MQ-1 is built for serious shop use and will hold-up to long years of daily use. The tool end extensions are long enough to reach deep inside BMX pegs to access axle nuts, yet the tool overall isn't so massive it can't be stored in a drawer or on a bench back wall. Great for installation and removal, the MQ-1 may not needed by every shop or work bench on a regular basis, but when you need leverage and power, along with forward pressure on the tool to prevent slipping, there is no other tool like it made for bike work.


  • Four-way tool with integrated tool ends for maximizing safe leverage and power
  • Features 15mm, 17mm, 19mm Hex socket ends, as well as 3/8"socket drive end
  • Tool reach adequate to access axle nuts inside BMX pegs
  • Made from nickel chrome-plated forged steel
  • 3/8" square socket drive with pin detent security
  • Stamped tool-end size markings on extensions