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Tools & Maintenance Disc Brake Tools

Park Tool MWF-2 Metric Flare Wrench

The proliferation of hydraulic brakes beyond the mountain bike world means more people need the proper tools to safely and properly service these sensitive components. Long found in the auto and equipment service worlds, flare wrenches fit over hydraulic hose to wrap around a 6-sided hex compression nut on five sides for no-slip, no strip control of the nut. The Park Tool Metric Flare Wrench-2 for Hydraulic Brakes is a compact, dual-end flare wrench with 7mm and 9mm tool ends for the two commonly spec'ed compression nuts used on bike hydraulic brake systems.

The MWF-2 Metric Flare Wrench is compact for easy use in tight spaces, particularly at the rear triangle. Generally the hydraulic compression nuts do not require high torque, just some leverage and control- often a single turn or two is enough to open the fitting below and release fluid. The plated steel tool has angled heads and precise interfaces, but the real key is the vinyl coated handle, which provides grip even with gloves on or if you get a little hydraulic fluid on your hands or the handle.


  • Dual-end metric flare wrench for compression nuts on hydraulic brakes
  • Steel tool with precision 7mm and 9mm 5-sided faces, with angled heads
  • Vinyl grip handle ensures control, even in the presence of hydraulic fluid
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the compression nut and brake line