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The thin design of Park Tool's offset brake wrenches allow the mechanic to adjust or position side pull or dual brakes. Most such brakes have long had a nut with wrench flats for precision use and control, but many older models did not. The central post was just that, a post, with a threaded end that would run through the fork and be capped with a nut. In those cases, the best way to adjust the caliper is from the springs that control each side of the caliper. Park still offers the OBW-3 Offset Brake Wrench, which not only has a 14mm wrench flat on one end, but a set of spaced hooks on the other end for engaging the springs equally so you can adjust the brake alignment

Made from forged thin steel the OBW-3 is stiff and strong enough to get the job done, but fit cleanly into the limited space available. There is really no other tool like this one available, so if you work on a lot of older bikes, this is a must-have tool.

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  • Dual ended, thin offset brake wrench for older caliper and side pull brakes
  • 14mm wrench flat for unit with a 14mm interface
  • Dual hook end for using brake springs to adjust the caliper alignment
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