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Mini air pressure pumps are a solid back-up for road, cross or hybrid riders whose tires have a max psi rating of 90. When combined with a CO2, a mini pump has utility, as you can start your tube to give it a little shape before installing into the tire/rim (don't blow into tube valves- most contain lead). In the worst case scenario you can actually inflate your tire to a working pressure with a micro pump. Park's PMP-4.2 Mini Pump has a couple of advantages over it's competitors, such as the fact that it is made by Park, so attention to detail is excellent, and small parts are always available for a possible rebuild. The PMP-4.2 is just 10.5" long, so it can be carried in a jersey pocket, strapped to a saddle bad, tossed in a bag or pack. The included bracket can be mounted to water bottle cage bosses, with or without a bottle cage. Park supplies bolts with enough length either way. At 130 grams, the weight is negligible for the protection it offers the rider. Last, Park has maintained a soft-touch, dual-density, flip out handle that allows the user to comfortable deliver the strokes necessary to fill your tire to around 90psi.

The construction is typically Park. The barrel is made from lightweight, yet strong, aluminum as is the plunger. All mini and micro pumps require considerable stroke repetition to fill a tire, and the plunger o-ring is easily replaceable, as regular use and high pressure will break down the rubber. The rubber gasket in the pump head also can be replaced, as it wears over time. The head itself is capable of both Presta and Schrader valve use, but it is a manual set-up. You have to flip the gasket and actuator each time. It is simple, and gives you flexibility, but odds are you will leave it one position or the most of the time.

A tip for mini and micro pump use: don't go all out at the beginning, pumping fast to build air volume. Keep a steady pace so as not to wear yourself out. You can get to 90psi, but it gets harder and harder as you go. 75-80psi is more realistic for most users. If you require a mini pump for emergency and supplemental use, the Park PMP-4.2 Pump is highly recommended, and it is never hurt by the excellent technical and small part support provided by the professionals from Park Tool.

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  • Mini pump ideal for road/hybrid tire emergency use, or to supplement CO2 use
  • Pushes slightly lower pressure, more volume than PMP-3.2 Micro Pump
  • Manual dual-head design, can be switched between Presta and Schrader
  • Aluminum barrel and plunger keep weight down, with solid performance
  • Dual-density folding group delivers leverage, comfort while pumping
  • Compact H2O cage boss mount, with silicone strap
  • Mount can be bolted to bosses with or without cage, hardware included
  • Can be mounted, carried in jersey pocket,or large saddle bag
  • Park offers replacement parts and gaskets, visit the Park Tool website for tech info
  • Length: 10.5" (265mm)
  • Maximum pressure: 90 psi / 6 bars
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Black/Blue
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces (130g)
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