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The rise of tubeless tires for mountain, road, and cross has spurred renewed interest in the Park PTS-1 Tire Seater, a tool that has been around for decades. The tight fit and the need to get tires to seat properly without massive over inflation is mad much easier with the PTS-1. Once you have inflated and see the bead not popping into place, simply place the non-slip jaws of the PTS-1 on the tire and lift out or wiggle back and forth to get the bead to seat. Yes, you have to be careful not grab the rim, but that isn't a problem. Wholly effective on any clincher or tubeless tire, this is a must have if you mount a lot of tires.

The Park Tool Tire Seater adjusts to various tire widths via a sliding in, like a Channel Lock-style tool. The steel handles and tool ends are chrome plated and the handles are vinyl dipped for comfort and no-slip grip. Handle length is plenty long for leverage and the handles taper for comfort and power without requiring massive hands.

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  • Great tire seating tool for any clincher or tubeless tire
  • Quick, easy way to “seat” the bead on stubborn tires
  • Adjusts quickly for various tire sizes
  • Chrome plated steel tool
  • Vinyl dipped handle grips
  • Simply place the non-slip jaws on the tire and lift out
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