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A lot of cyclists do their own major bike maintenance. There are many times when this can be messy work, as grease, dirt, and lubricant interaction is hard to avoid. Park Tool ably serves both the pro mechanics and the those who labor on their bikes, and over the years the company has offered a series of Shop Aprons that not only protect the mechanic and their clothing, but also look sharp. The SA-3 Shop Apron is the version we have used, and at under $25, the home mechanic can easily justify this well conceived apron.

At 35" max length, the SA-3 gives great coverage for all but the tallest wrenches. Those who aren't gifted with 6' plus height will appreciate that the bottom 7" can be folded up and snapped in place to prevent the dress effect. The 10oz cotton canvas material has a perfect weight to it, and is plenty durable. While it may seem stiff at first, it breaks in quickly with daily use, eventually feeling like natural piece of everyday protective work wear. There three key aspects to the SA-3. First, the lower pockets are deep and roomy. Each of the three lower pockets is 7½ deep, and 7¼ wide, which make them perfect for heavier or longer tools, rags, etc. The upper pockets are 4.5" deep, with a few widths- perfect for hex keys, cutters, smaller screwdrivers, pick, etc. The top edge is sewn onto the apron, but the bottom is secured by snaps. Most pro's will leave the top pocket unsnapped, to allow the pocket to swing out when they have to bend over. Nothing is worse than bending over to pick up something you dropped and having more things fall, especially your tools. This is a smart, and highly practical feature.

The last detail to note is the adjustable X-strap shoulder/back harness-like system. Featuring a snap buckle for easy use, this simple harness distributes weight perfectly, is easy on the shoulders, and makes taking the apron off for a quick test ride easy. You don't have to tie anything, or worry about getting caught on something, and unless you change the adjustment, it will always be ready to go the next time you put it on. It's just an apron, right? Sure, until you have to use it, and then you will come to value the Park SA-3 Shop Apron and the thought they put into it.

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  • Heavy duty shop apron ideal for pro mechanics, just as effective for home mechanics
  • Made with tough 10oz cotton canvas material
  • All edges and structures folded over and heavily stitched
  • Length: 35" bottom 7" can be folded up and snapped in place to reduce length
  • Lower pockets: three (3) 7½" deep, 7¼" wide
  • Upper pockets: four (4) 4¼" deep, various widths
  • Upper pocket structure sewn at top, snapped at bottom, unsnap to swing free
  • X-strap harness with quick-release buckle
  • Color: Black, with Park Tool logo
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