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Tools & Maintenance Screwdrivers & Picks

The Park SD-2 Phillps #2 Screwdriver fits the most commonly used screw size used in the world today, despite the plethora of fasteners avaialble. Park Tool has developed their own screwdrivers to meet the needs of bike mechanics, and in truth this sweet #2 Phillips head would be great in any environment. The shaft and tip are formed from 1/4" round steel, which is an ideal size for general purpose use and many derailleur and set-screw adjustments. Care has also been taken during design to meet the tool and ergonomic needs of mechanics who use tools all day long. The hex-shaped, dual density rubber/composite grip feels great in, and on, the hand.

Accurate machining coupled with a hardened finish means you will not strip out or peen adjustment screws. Given the size variations and mixture of steel, aluminum, and titanium hardware being used, and at times, not so obviously, you need proper tool fitment to get the job done right. We have used many #2 Phillips screwdrivers in the shop here at Excel Sports, and though this a "standardized" size, the Park Tool SD-2 fits more derailleur adjustment screws cleanly than almost any other version we have tried. Given how much time is spent adjusting and setting up derailleurs, having the best tool for the job saves us time, energy, and inappropriate language.

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  • Essential #2 Phillps head screwdriver for every mechanic's tool box
  • Shop quality construction for this mechanic's core tool
  • Hex shaped, dual density grip for comfort and torque
  • Hardened shaft and tip for added durability
  • Park alternates color schemes for Phillips and Flat, for easy recognition
  • Model/Size: SD-2 Phillips #2
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