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Tools & Maintenance Wrenches & Sockets

Park Tool SKT-6 Flat-Faced Socket Set

Work on suspension forks? Had to grind down your sockets to best fit the low-profile 6-sided top caps you need to remove to access within the stanchions? Park now offers the valued, and affordable, SKT-6 Flat-Faced Socket Set. No need to create your own or buy super expensive models on the market. Park builds for reliability, precision and every day use. These sockets are forged from tough, chrome vanadium steel, then nickel chrome plated for lasting durability and clean tool edges. The walls are relatively thin for access in tight quarters. All sockets are built with a 3/8" square drive interface for common ratchet, breaker bar, or torque wrenches.

Care has been take to identify special requirements, such at the 27mm socket, which has an external taper for narrow access fittings, as the Suntour forks that employ the 27mm top cap require. You may not want to use the sockets for high torque or impact applications on your vehicle but it is rugged enough for most daily applications. All six of the sockets have a flat face design, not chamfered, for clean, full tool connection with those low profile hex fork caps, ensuring you won't strip out these mostly aluminum devices.


  • 3/8" drive sockets designed for low-profile fork suspension top caps
  • Forged from tough chrome vanadium steel, chrome plated for lasting durability
  • Flat-face 6pt sockets: 24, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32mm
  • 27mm socket is tapered for better access on Suntour suspension forks
  • Ideally for use with Park Torque wrenches, or any 3/8" square drive interface